Because we know that satisfying our customers depends greatly on the quality of our products.

Roller Team puts its own experience and expertise at the service of every motorcaravan produced and follows it throughout the production stage with inspections and tests from design to delivery that meet with European standards. The same quality standards are demanded of suppliers: for the most strategic components, a check is carried out when the material is received and before it is used in production.


Tests in research and development and prototyping stage

Specific testing in climate chamber to check the resistance, duration and performance of the materials selected at extremely high/low temperatures.

Performance tests on the components used: durability of mattresses, resistance to stress, reliability and compliance with European regulations in the design of the seatbelt unit.


Checks in production stage

Check on operation and correct installation of the electrical systems.

Correct installation of the hydraulic systems.

Test on operation of the gas pipes.

Test on finished product

Gas system inspection by certified staff according to the German DVGW protocol.

100 statistical checks on a percentage of the vehicles produced: aesthetic, functional, noise and fitting tests.

Waterproofing tests on 100% of the vehicles produced, before delivery.

Electronic weighing of 100% of vehicles before delivery.

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