Livingstone: a new kit for additional bed in dinette

Roller Team is proud to present an exclusive innovation for all van aficionados. Indeed, for the van range, Roller Team has thought about a specific opportunity for van lovers who want to make their vehicle comfortable when the need arises to welcome onboard an extra travelling companion. Hence the specific kit to equip the dinette area and convert it into a larger and more comfortable bed. The "Kit for additional dinette bed with bag" consists of a wooden structure with tilting flaps that serves as a support surface and a mattress, placed inside a practical bag that can be easily carried and stored in the rear stowage area of the van itself. Thanks to this kit, the dinette can be converted in just a few minutes into a comfortable bed thanks to its considerable dimensions of 1830x550 mm Bed assembly is simple and fast. Simply lower the dinette table, add the wooden element supplied with the Kit, after having lowered the two flaps of the bottom side on which it rests, and position the mattress on top. The Kit is available upon purchase of a new model of the Roller Team range or on the after-market, and it is suited for the Kyros models of the 2017 range. Today, thanks to Roller Team Livingstone even when choosing the reduced dimensions of a van, you can still enjoy excellent comfort and habitability, alone or in the company of others.

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Triaca: a modern interpretation

Buying today the motorcaravan of the future? This is the question that the magazine Promobil, the leading sector publication in Germany, asks its readers in the November issue, referring to the new Triaca. Buying today the motorcaravan of the future? anticipates the German magazine, underscoring how the Triaca project, a star of the 2015 tradeshows as a concept, is available today at the dealers and even at a relatively moderate price. It is true that not all of the project’s highlights have been included in the mass-production model, such as the pop-up roof, innovative materials for walls and floor or furniture, since their addition would not have made it possible to offer a realistic price. Nevertheless, even in this more “standard” version, in other words one that is more in line with the production versions, the Triaca model offers a taste of the motorcaravan of the future. The pluses highlighted by the magazine include, among other things: a feeling of spaciousness: in just less than 6 metres we have a large kitchen and living quarters, and even enough space for a TV of significant size a kitchen featuring a modern style and made of practical and hygienic materials a compressor refrigerator with 165-litre capacity a convertible dinette an elevating double bed with electric movement double technical floor that houses additional lockers and technical installations a LIN bus network to manage the utilities So let’s finish then with the title given to the article by Promobil: Buying today the motorcaravan of the future? The Roller Team Triaca dares an answer.

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Roller Team: New Triaca 232 TL

DESIGN AT THE SERVICE OF EFFICIENCY: PLENTY OF ROOM AND AN “OPEN SPACE” LAYOUT THAT OFFERS THE HIGHEST “FUNCTIONAL FLEXIBILITY”. “Open space” layout: maximum room that can be used. Ergonomic and volumetric design of the interiors and of furniture at the service of high habitability. The living quarters were designed based on the concept of “functional flexibility”, where all elements can be transformed: table, bed, sofa. A sofa that converts into a double bed through a manual, simple and fast lifting mechanism. The use of innovative materials, with tops made of resin and nanotechnology (Fenix): hygienic and antibacterial, mould-proof, waterproof and resistant to heat, easy to repair in case of scratches, resistant to use. “Home” performance. Refrigerator with compressor and 165-l capacity, performance similar to a regular home refrigerator and freezer: quick cooling, internal temperature kept constant even in case of high outdoor temperature, low energy consumption and noise level. The colours of the interiors and the material finishes play on trendy light tones, making the entire motorcaravan brighter and more cheerful. TECHNICAL INNOVATION FOR THE STRUCTURE: DOUBLE FLOOR. A “real” double floor that offers: More stowage space and excellent access thanks to two side doors Stowage capacity for long objects, tables and chairs The installations are located in the space created by the double floor (fresh and drain water tanks) Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation Higher structural rigidity SPECIAL FEATURES: AUTONOMY AND RESOURCE OPTIMISATION LEAN BUS technology that allows “domotic-type” management of the utilities through a single connection that handles all electrical systems, to ensure better performance. This technology makes it possible to manage utilities through a smartphone in Wi-Fi mode: turning on and off the lights, turning on and off the water pump, displaying the charge status of the batteries, displaying the levels of tanks. Smart technology: automatic turning on and off of indoor and outdoor lights when the living quarters’ door is opened. “Energy Saving” control unit that allows constant monitoring of consumption to optimise the available resources and residual autonomy. The control unit supplies the “right amount” of energy based on the requested consumption and the battery charge status, for example by dimming the lights.

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Roller Team presents TRIACA Concept 230

ROLLER TEAM PRESENTS ITS TRIACA CONCEPT 230 AT THE DUSSELDORF CARAVAN SALON TRIACA CONCEPT 230 – THE FUTURE IN YOUR MOTORHOME Innovative project, sensitive to environmental dynamics Roller Team chooses the venue of the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon for the world preview of the Triaca Concept 230, which represents the brand’s new challenge in designing an extremely innovative recreational vehicle in terms of functionality and eco-sustainability. Concept development was made possible thanks to the participation of Roller Team, as promoter of the project, in the “Research & Development” funding program sponsored by the Tuscany Region in 2012 and applied to the sector of recreational vehicles. This is how TRIACA was born, acronym of the Italian “Tecnologia per Ridurre l’Impatto Ambientale in Camper” or Technology for Environmental Impact Reduction in Motorhomes. This project combines the application of innovative technologies in order to reduce the energy consumption of motorhomes and improve their environmental impact during the utilisation phases with an innovative study concerning the optimisation of interior spaces (distribution, ergonomics and mechatronic applications) thanks to the development of a basic design. Again in the area of reduced environmental impact, the project offers new advantageous solutions as concerns the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), from the pre-production phase to the transport phase, in order to verify the environmental impact of the motorhome, focusing on emissions of KgCO2 eq and CED (Cumulative Energy Demand). This analysis makes it possible to identify the guidelines for designing the life cycle of the new product (LCD or Life Cycle Design), which will originate a second study on the new industrialised vehicle, in order to quantify the obtained improvements as far as the environment is concerned. The project featured the joint participation of Roller Team and: DIDA – Department of Architecture of the University of Florence; CPTM - Magona Technological Hub Consortium; CUBIT - Consortium Ubiquitos Technologies: technical support during development of the executive project; DISCO of the University of Siena – Department of Communication Sciences. “We set out to create the “Motorhome of the Future”: innovative, technologically advanced, extremely functional, but that could immediately be put in production. This means that we did not start with impractical or unfeasible concepts. The basic idea was to re-interpret already known logics and to apply them to the motorhome in order to improve its habitability and the distribution of interior spaces, reduce its environmental impact and test out a few solutions present on other products in order to apply them to future productions”, explained Paolo Bicci, Managing Director of Trigano SpA, the company that owns the Roller Team brand.

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