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An Italian reality dedicated to plein air tourism where entrepreneurial spirit and technological approach have allowed to reach excellence at international level.


For over 20 years, Roller Team has been offering a wide selection of recreational vehicles cleverly designed to meet an array of customer needs. An established brand on the motorcaravan scene, today Roller Team also specialises in the production of outfitted vans.


Roller Team has always keenly focused on customer needs. There are hundreds of qualified outlets that distribute the Roller Team brand today: a comprehensive sales network spread throughout the major European countries. An organised, targeted network, product development in keeping with the habits and needs of different cultures, distribution agencies in the area, staff from the area: these are the secret weapons with which Roller Team presents itself on international markets with growing success.

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Roller Team is a brand recognised for features such as dynamism and innovation, which conceives and manufactures motorcaravans and vans that combine style with technology and quality for unforgettable travel experiences.


The constant technological innovation of the production processes together with a continuous renewal of the product, with cutting-edge technical-constructive solutions, allow us to offer a very high quality product capable of lasting over time at a competitive price. Roller Team responds to the needs of life in a motorcaravan with devices and solutions that make your stay on board pleasant while travelling and parking.


The Roller Team line-up features a wide choice of models, including low-profile models, low-profile versions with elevating bed, overcabs, motorhomes and vans organised in the Kronos, Zefiro, Granduca and Livingstone ranges. In this way, Roller Team is able to meet the different and growing needs of the customer with an increasingly rich product.

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The story of Roller Team began in 2001 in Tuscany, in the factory of Cusona, San Gimignano. From the beginning, Roller Team has been offering competitive vehicles designed to meet international tastes. The brand was created within the Trigano Group, one of the most established in recreational vehicle production and distribution.


Having grown over time by acquiring time-honoured companies and brands operating in the open-air scene, Trigano brought together the separate stories of these different families and valorised our work in Italy, thus consolidating a manufacturing group that now has 5 factories in Tuscany, Umbria and Abruzzo.


Discover Trigano, the group with a deep connection to the local communities where it operates, made up of a constellation of companies all joined by experience and common values.