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How to prevent condensation in a motorhome - Roller Team tips

Moisture is a silent and extremely harmful enemy to motorhomes and we do realize the negative effects of this problem especially in the rainiest and coldest season.

Roller Team has always sought to improve the quality of its motorhomes, investing in research into materials and construction techniques, especially when it comes to contrasting condensation.

Roller Team, the motorhome that breathes

"Brethe" is a project that aims to improve the distribution of air inside the motorhome, favoring its circulation, making the temperature uniform and thus avoiding the formation of condensation.

How works the ventilation system of the Roller Team motorhome

All Roller Team models, elevating bed motorhomes, over cab motorhomes, integrated motorhomes are built based on this "respiratory system", which starts from the outside and gets to the inside, at the core of the motorhome.

The body

It all starts with the construction materials of the bodies, whose main characteristics are resistance and low perishability, such as:

  • fiberglass
  • PS waterproof
  • extruded plastic
  • pvc extrusion

These guarantee isolation and protection from atmospheric agents, preventing external water from stagnating inside.


As for the assembly of the interiors, the wall units are installed leaving a specific opening from the motorhome wall, thus creating a permanent aeration, avoiding the formation of condensation or mold.

Other quality elements such as anti-condensation panels, wooden slatted frames and mattresses in breathable technical fabric and quilted polyester allow a greater air circulation.

Moreover, the perimeter heating allows the diffusion of heat in a uniform manner, going to dry out any steam formation.

Test on finished product

At the end of the assembly of the vehicle, waterproofing tests are carried out on the finished product. The motorhomes are then exposed for about 2 hours to a continuous jet of water, in order to detect any infiltration. In fact, Roller Team campers have a 6-year warranty against infiltration.

5 Roller Team tips to deal with condensation in motorhome

Despite the quality of the Roller Team motorhomes, it can happen that condensation occurs inside the motorhome anyway. This is often due to common mistakes we make without even realizing it.

However, there are some precautions to take to avoid the formation of condensation and counteract the humidity inside the motorhome. Roller Team suggests 5:


  • Do not keep the motorhome too exposed to the sun or too much in the shade, to avoid extreme temperature changes, which can generate condensation;
  • Keep periodically the portholes and windows slightly open to ensure air exchange, especially when/after cooking or showering;
  • Increase heating a few degrees early in the morning and late at night, to avoid condensation droplets on the furniture and windows, to dry them;
  • Use an electric/DIY dehumidifier, such as bags or containers of coarse salt;
  • It will seem obvious, but avoid washing floors and sinks before closing the motohorme, or better ventilate the vehicle and let the washed parts dry completely before leaving.

Therefore, fight condensation is not so difficult; just a few tricks to make the Roller Team system even more efficient.

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