Smart solutions cleverly arranged to exploit all the possible space

Home-inspired kitchen

Where everything is within arm's reach: ergonomics and functionality are the keywords

  • Plenty of room for storage with three deep and stable bins, of which two can be completely extracted with soft-close function.

  • The work top can be extracted easily and forms a level surface without steps.

  • The refrigerators ensure autonomous operation by running on gas, 12 V or 230 W.

  • Shoulder-height refrigerator column by the side of the kitchen to ensure optimal exploitation of the room underneath to make room for a large wardrobe.

LED lighting

Indirect LED lighting for a uniform and pleasant effect. LED spot lights for reading in the night zone without annoying your travel mates and for more direct light when it is very dark outside. LED technology for better lighting performance and energy saving - energy-efficiency, more autonomy, longer battery life.

Travel comfort

Folding table with extension (Advance pack), which can be dismounted and used outside: comfort and legroom when seated, large surface during use.

Recharge your smartphone

USB ports in the day zone to recharge smartphones and tablets, right where you need them the most.

Generous wardrobes

Generous wardrobes with adequate interior dimensions to contain garments on hangers and with extra inside height. On some models, wardrobe positioned in lowered position under the refrigerator with large interior size.

Storage compartment under the floor of the dinette.

Extra side bed, where possible, like on Model 6 or Model 2, even the largest in its category.

Toilette and functionality

Sliding or tipping wash basin which retracts into the wall. Handy for use only when it is needed.  Extractable tap to be used also for the shower. Double drain in the floor: water flows out more easily.

Extra size bed

Extra size bed, where possible, like on Model 6 or Model 2, even the largest in its category

Garages equipped

Garages equipped for transporting larger items thanks to removable or lift-up beds. Under-bed storage.


Storage compartment under the floor of the dinette.

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