A long experience and a strong personality capable of maintaining its reliability and its value over time.

Roller Team is a company gaining an ever greater following, also at an international level, and one of the most significant production models in the European motorcaravan industry.
As historic company on the motorcaravan scene, Roller Team can offer competitive products both in terms of price and equipment, which are at the cutting edge thanks to the excellent construction techniques adopted.

Roller Team, close to the customer everywhere with excellent service.

There are hundreds of qualified outlets that distribute the Roller Team brand today: a comprehensive sales network spread throughout the major European countries. It’s thanks to its distribution partners that Roller Team is close to its clientele everywhere, ready to satisfy customers’ every requirement with appropriate tools and a wide range of pre-sale and aftersales services. An organised, targeted network, product development in keeping with the habits and needs of different cultures, distribution agencies in the area, staff from the area: these are the secret weapons with which Roller Team presents itself on international markets with growing success.

ExPS Extreme Protection System

more insulation, more protection, less noise.

The technology for building living quarters capable of ensuring complete protection for your motorcaravan.

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Noise Reduction Technology

Noise Reduction System is here, the study to reduce noise inside the vehicle when driving.

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The Italian with a Nordic disposition!

Designed for distribution From Northern Europe to Southern Italy, every Roller Team vehicle uses technologies and materials that ensure high performance and a perfect climate.  So you’re always at ease in your vehicle, whatever the temperature outside, Roller Team offers the technology you need… when you need it!

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300 kg of freedom!

A garage locker designed for you to take your freedom with you anywhere at all times.

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Spaces to experience to the full.

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All Roller Team models are built on chassis specifically designed to be converted into motorhomes taking into account mechanical performance and above all safety, comfort when travelling and when parked over time.

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Travel All Inclusive

Travel All Inclusive. Solutions for super-equipped motorcaravans with complete equipment for all models.


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Because we know that satisfying our customers depends greatly on the quality of our products.

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