Buying today the motorcaravan of the future?
This is the question that the magazine Promobil, the leading sector publication in Germany, asks its readers in the November issue, referring to the new Triaca.

Buying today the motorcaravan of the future? anticipates the German magazine, underscoring how the Triaca project, a star of the 2015 tradeshows as a concept, is available today at the dealers and even at a relatively moderate price.

It is true that not all of the project’s highlights have been included in the mass-production model, such as the pop-up roof, innovative materials for walls and floor or furniture, since their addition would not have made it possible to offer a realistic price. Nevertheless, even in this more “standard” version, in other words one that is more in line with the production versions, the Triaca model offers a taste of the motorcaravan of the future.

The pluses highlighted by the magazine include, among other things:

a feeling of spaciousness: in just less than 6 metres we have a large kitchen and living quarters, and even enough space for a TV of significant size
a kitchen featuring a modern style and made of practical and hygienic materials
a compressor refrigerator with 165-litre capacity
a convertible dinette
an elevating double bed with electric movement
double technical floor that houses additional lockers and technical installations
a LIN bus network to manage the utilities

So let’s finish then with the title given to the article by Promobil:
Buying today the motorcaravan of the future? 
The Roller Team Triaca dares an answer.